The Awkwardness of Being a Politician

One of the things that made me very upset with Mayor Ed Molin is this old-fashioned idea of the noble heart.       The idea was actually widely held at the time of the American Revolution and pervaded well into the early years of the twentieth.     

A leader would accomplish deeds because of his aspiration to higher ideals and for dedication to servicing the people.     Thus to bring attention to oneself while doing these noble works would be tantamount to bragging and pride.

I can not begin to tell you all the clever and ingenious things that Ed Molin did before he took office, during his tenure as Mayor and of course, after he was Mayor*.        

The trouble was, he wouldn’t tell anyone what he did!      Peter Matthew’s run against him was like shooting fish in a barrel. (with the same effect.)      Molin wouldn’t defend himself and he wouldn’t brag on all the great things he had accomplished while being Mayor.

What was the average citizen to think?       To them he was a useless leader and hadn’t done anything.         How could they know any better – especially when (a fact I know) any attempt by Molin’s campaign to prove his accomplishments were vetoed by the candidate himself!

So, as we approach election season, keep this in mind.       There are quite a few councilors who are hiding their deeds done for the city.       They aught to be championing them but they don’t.


Put that silly false-pride to bed!       You’re opponent isn’t going to tell the voter,


-P. Preservationist

* He wasn’t perfect but his deeds speak for themselves – look at the Lord Timothy Dexter anchor business, Berkshire Industries; look at the Library, look at the Firehouse – look at the fishing pier at the end of the boardwalk.      Those are only the most visible.


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One Response to The Awkwardness of Being a Politician

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    I admit modesty. I’d rather give credit to someone who gave me the idea or whose work led to my sponsoring a law. But they know who they are and what roles we all played, so they can tell their friends.

    That said, I have some campaign tricks up my sleeve. The election season is very young…

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