It’s safe to go into the water…sort of!

Our Health Director, Bob Bracey, let everyone know Tuesday that the river and the surrounding beaches on Plum Island are back to normal.

Of course, after what we know about the Pollution Control Act (commonly called the Clean Water Act), it’s a judgment call we have to make every day.

As Bob has stated, it has passed the “Minimum Standards for Bathing Beaches as set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Sanitary Code 105 CMR 445. 000.    

Notice the word ‘minimum’.

Ah, not to get too paranoid but I wish I was blissfully ignorant.    

Last year, I was helping a boat owner down at the Newburyport waterfront.    He told me to pull the lines so I jumped onto the floating docks and was horrified to see a great pile of nasty foam building up at the corner of the boat.     I pointed in a panic and he stated nonplus, “Oh, the River always does that.”


-P. Preservationist



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