Historic Renovation – Almost There!

I am often accused of being way too critical but it’s not because I have a tendency to be negative.      When I see something good I want others to know it too.

In this picture is 47 Milk Street.      It was recently renovated rather aggressively and I was very worried that the house was just another  victim of a developer wanting to ‘flip’ the house by gutting the interior, replacing with the cheapest material available and then walking away with the profits and leaving the new homeowner with a ‘faux’ historic home.       This kind of trend has been going on for quite a while:

“In Newburyport, Massachusetts…since 1984. Despite placement on the National Register and local efforts to protect the community, demolition, development and period inappropriate alterations and additions have effectively replaced one third of these historic properties.”

-The National Architectural Trust

But not so with this house.     It’s windows have been sustained and beautifully restored with sensitive, almost invisible storms that integrate with the rest of the assembly.    It’s porch area is beautifully redone and the whole house looks and feels as if the building was just built in its proper historic time frame.

I would like to commend Milk Street Realty Trust for doing an absolutely fine job that will reflect positively for the historic neighborhood and the greater Newburyport Historic District.

Of course, and it may be deliberate, to keep my criticism organ happy, after all this beautiful work, they put in a plastic handrail on the front steps!       Go figure.   And the worst, these plastic handrails look ‘plastic’ just as the plastic fences on High Street not only are plastic, they look ‘plastic’!

The goal of the Newburyport Historic District is to preserve our historic architecture not to slather it with petroleum products!

Still, aside from this minor distraction; this home is a fine example for others to follow on how to do a proper historic renovation!

-P. Preservationist


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