The Complete Picture of Buying Local

Let’s get one thing straight.

The call to buy local is a great thing because it helps support our local economy inside and outside the tourist season.

Unfortunately, it has forever been linked with the limited franchise ordinance effort that failed to pass muster in Newburyport a few years ago.   Instead of protecting our unique shops and restaurants downtown, it gave the impression that it was an effort by anti-business, anti-big box store advocates.

“Buy Local seems to be having trouble connecting to a larger audience than their core group. While Buy Local has a positive aspect to their message, there is a very real ‘anti’ component to the message. Without an immediate threat to rally against [a Wal-Mart or Target, for instance], it has been difficult for them to recruit significant numbers to their cause.”

-James Stanley, former City Councilor

And yes, we need to support our Storey Avenue and Route One Traffic Circle businesses just as much as we need to get behind our Downtown.


An empty big box store.

We all know the dampening affect of the boarded up Ames Department Store.    Try as they can, the north of Seabrook can not generate the vibrancy that the south side enjoys.

As much as K-Mart is huge, and Market Basket is large, they need support as much as the rest of the town.    Whether it’s Dunkin Donuts, Marshalls, Radio Shack or the big pharmacies (I make a point of going to Lynch’s of course.), all these places need our support so we as a whole community can be vibrant.

Many shop in New Hampshire because of the no sales tax but think on this to help break that habit:  The good thing that has happened from the bad thing of high gas prices is the cost & time savings of not going far from your community.


Let’s buy local and enrich the economy of Newburyport.

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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One Response to The Complete Picture of Buying Local

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    Sometimes you have no choice but buying elsewhere. For instance, I challenge you to locate a store in this city that stocks legal-sized lined and binded notepads.

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