A Shot Across the Bow – A Second Time

When the Coast Guard encounters a smuggler or a suspect ship, they shoot across the front of the bow to indicate a clear warning.     If you don’t surrender, you will be attacked and boarded – if you resist, there will be violence against you.

The question is, ‘Do we surrender or put up a fight?’

I want to thank the Daily News for letting us know Newburyport Development’s plans are for this HISTORIC storefront.     Fowles is one of the signature landmarks in our City.      Along with pictures of the Chain Bridge, Joppa Flats and the church spire of the First Religious Society; just about every photo collection includes a picture of Fowles.

I’ve noticed that the sign above the business has been getting sorrier and sorrier – and to find that ND owns the building explains everything.       They would love nothing better than to trash a landmark so a full-service restaurant can pay generous rent.


The first shot across the bow was pushing out the White Hen Pantry store that aggressively serviced the city in place of a Big Franchise that guarantees a steady cash flow – Newburyporters be damned.

Inadvertently through their arrogance, they have tipped their hand.      We get it now without a doubt.

Such callous behavior tells reams to the local residents.     Steve Karp wants us to ‘trust him’ that he’ll  do the right thing at the Waterfront West Overlay District.       How about we respond with Ronald Reagan’s response to the Russians, ‘Trust but verify!”

How come they haven’t aggressively approached the Preservation Trust and the Historical Society of Old Newbury so their plans will seamlessly integrate with our historic downtown?     I can see Walter Beinecke, Jr. spinning in his grave!

How come they constantly put pressure on businesses that actually ‘service’ our local community instead for upscale restaurant and tourist customers?   They have tipped their hand with their advertisement, “The average household income is $90,000 per year,”       How does a basketful of millionaires reconcile the fact that we have 40% of the residents below the Federal poverty line?”     Obviously, their goal is to ‘push’ those with lower incomes out.     It makes their business plan even better if they can ‘up’ the average income.

If they complain that the city residents fight tooth and nail over their plans, they will have no one to blame but themselves – It will be their shear stupidity that guarantees what acrimony they will receive.

In closing, I can offer a solution, stop pressuring local services to leave and ‘restore’ the Fowles sign as an act of good faith.*

-P. Preservationist

* And we need the Historical Commission, the Local Historic District Commission, the Mayor and the Planning Office to stand firm and to stop seeing dollar signs when the time comes when New England Development makes its move.


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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