Comedy & Drama

I don’t know anything about Mr. Hendrickson, but apparently he is very good at comedy. (Or, he is writing this article in perfect seriousness.)    After a tough week of busy schedules, I needed something to boost my spirits.

Rarely does reading the Daily News front page cause me to burst out laughing.

This article on the NRA was just too much.

I read the statement,

“MassDevelopment officials said they would provide about $25,000 to get the planning process for the Newburyport waterfront property started. The nonprofit group would expect to be repaid once development occurs.”

My reaction, “Better kiss your money good bye.”        My focus was on the absurd phrase, ‘once development occurs.”

I’m not saying there won’t be development but when?     How much interest will they be charging if there is a long delay?

Then came the second statement from Mass Development:“

“Also, you’ve got to show numbers and your past research so that we can develop a good pre-development program. The worst thing for us is to come in here and later have the project be shelved.”

I had to burst out laughing again.     That’s all the NRA does is shelf projects!

Apropos Mr. Hendrickson analogy of Sisyphus, the Greek King doomed to roll a stone up the hill only to see it roll back down over and over again.

Of course, the Mayor had to join in as a comedic sidekick, “Unified support exists for land development”     Uh, okay, I think that’s just about as obvious as can be.      Regardless of what viewpoint you may hold, we all want to see this thing finished.

Now, after I was done laughing, I realized there is a serious element to all this.

Mass Developmnt is into brownfields.      In fact, they specialize in the clean up and development of them.   They have a special fund called Brownfields Redevelopment Fund.    A brownfield is a building or field that is expensive to develop due to the presence of hazardous waste.      If we are ever to have our ‘park’ we need to do the same on this property as National Grid did at its Water Street property.   AND THAT IS EXPENSIVE.    Mass Development can help us do it.

So, the first thing we do is to attach blinders to Mass Development so they don’t see the past history of the City and the NRA and second, have them finance the cleanup of the Central Waterfront.

Then finally, we can get Sisyphus to stop rolling that boulder!

-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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