Where have they been?

Apparently for a small minority of the citizens, these have been taken up as a mandatory accessory!      Reminds me of the bike lane fiasco!      After posting for a long time on the Planning Office’s website and countless public hearings and educational meetings, a group of citizens complete with this head attachment; screamed bloody-murder and claimed, “They were never told.” and “They were never informed.”

Talk about clueless!

Now we have the ‘lady with the plastic fence’ telling us that she was never informed and didn’t ‘know’ about the meetings.

We’ve got another guy, Dick Hordon, complete with blinders not seeing the need for a local historic district and totally ignoring the demolition and gutting of homes and the eventual gentrification of Newburyport.

Hasn’t the Local Historic District Study Committee been around since 2007?     Haven’t their posting on the City’s website been there for just as long?  Hasn’t this topic been covered during the 2008 election with both mayoral candidates and a super-majority of city councilor candidates in favor? (Of which the majority won.)

Now we are going to get crazed libertarians, doomsday sayers, loonies and political antics tonight from this ‘misinformed minority’.

I’d go just to see the circus.

Of course, all of this could have truly been avoided if Sarah White and her committee hadn’t been so xenophobic and cut off the Citizens for Environmental Balance and the Preservation Trust.         Both groups could have worked aggressively for at least the last two years and built a political concensus that would have avoided tonight’s carnival.     It was sad that the President of the Trust had to come to the Study Committee to ask what can be done.     It should have already been done.

Alas, can’t cry over lost political capital.

Instead of this gathering tonight being an informational meeting, it will be a political rally of opposition and support.

I encourage all those who wish to secure a future for Newburyport to come and give support for the local historic district!

If this ordinance fails, you can kiss a whole lot of Fowle’s-like buildings and all the ‘tiny’ homes in the City good-bye.     You can join me as we pack our bags and have to leave when Newburyport becomes a haven for the rich and a ‘gated’ community.

-P. Preservationist

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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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One Response to Where have they been?

  1. The meeting actually went splendidly. Sarah White and the other members of the committee were clear, confident and they patiently allowed everyone to be heard.

    Of course, as I feared, those attending thought they were participating in a rally. If someone said something against the LHD; a group would applaud. If for, another group would applaud and so on. But the circus the Daily News was hoping for never really materialized.

    This was largely due to a very clear Powerpoint presentation that basically shot down the empty arguments of the opposition and made them sit in their seats, turn redfaced and stew.

    But now is the time to start advocating, educating and informing the public. The Local Historic District Study Committee by its very nature can’t do it. It’s now CEB and the ‘Trust that must now take the case to the public.

    “In my opinion, it is more difficult-but yet powerful-to lead effectively by consensus than by unilateral decision making.”

    -Joe D’Amore

    We must rally the supporters and get the entire City involved if we hope to save Newburyport. It will be hard-work and it will take courage, no shrinking back. We must thrust this before the public’s eye and they will scrutinize those who do so – that is called leadership.

    The Study Committee will hobnob with the office holders, the well-connected, the elitists, the government insiders – it is up to us as local historic district supporters to convince the man on the street.

    -P. Preservationist

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