Editorial Wasteland

Editorial pages are great places to spout off.

What I have been disturbed at is the lack of local content.

Here we have huge challenges ahead in Amesbury & Newburyport – but on the Daily News Opinion Page – mostly silence.

Local comments seem to be isolated to waves of gratitude, and more waves of gratitude.

In one way, I feel deeply cheated.

Apparently hatred of Bush, Democrats, Obama & Republicans (take your respective pick) take top billing.      National and sometimes state issues seem to be far more important than anything that directly affects the Greater Newburyport Area.

In fact, if John Macone didn’t make a point of bringing up Beacon Hill topics, we probably wouldn’t get anything having to do with the State House either.

People actually think their opinions matter a hill of beans in Washington – I suppose at coffee shops and in homes everywhere, it’s what was seen on television the night before is more on the lips of the average person in Newburyport than anything local.

Sadly, I was quite relieved when the gang fights occurred, people were actually talking about a local problem.      And the brown Merrimack actually snapped attention back to our area.    And of course, the recent threat to Fowle’s on State Street has awaken the populace.

Now here comes the local historic district ordinance – we actually get two complete pieces on a local issue.     Of course, the Daily News used them as hit pieces coupled with the BOLD, BLACK LETTERS on the front page; but still, it’s refreshing to have citizens actually concerned with their LOCAL COMMUNITY.

Perhaps we’ll get opinions on the new charter; why one candidate for elected office should be chosen over another; on over-rides and debt exclusions for the schools; Jetties, erosion and wetlands ordinances; and of course, my favorite subject, the horrid condition of our sidewalks.

Which is why I am now really enjoying this new reality (if it continues).      I am ready, as others, to do editorial battle on some of the more important local issues?

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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