Save Our Area

While we must endure the clueless who think this region is perfectly safe, the rest of us can continue on our business of saving the buildings and the landscapes that have made our corner of Massachusetts so highly Common Pasture in the Springdesirable.

A significant victory occurred when large tracts of land were saved from suburban sprawl that could have seen factories and homes stretching from Route 95 all the way to the Merrimack.     This saving of the Common Pasture is still continuing today but without it, Newburyport would have been a dim shadow of itself.

Lower GreenRecently, the Lower Green was saved from this same ‘sprawl’ with a successful purchase of meadow behind it.








Point Shore Historic District


We need to save the historic feel of Point Shore along the Merrimack in Amesbury.     Be sure to attend the House Tour to help save the Union Congregational Church building and steeple.       If we succeed in saving Newburyport but the region becomes over-developed all around us and the historic assets lost, it won’t be long before our City is overcome too.      This Saturday, for $25/person,  you will get to see the inside of some of the historic homes in this area.    Yet again, we need to save this gorgeous area from the lusting fingers of desperate developers.



It won’t become a reality until late spring but Newburyport needs to save its historic district from too much ‘richness’.    Just like humans who can suffer from gout, derived from eating too much rich food, Newburyport is beginning to suffer from its own success.      Uncaring developers from the bleak areas of the region are drooling over the unprotected Newburyport Historic District.      If the local historic district ordinance doesn’t get passed, you can kiss this keystone of the region good bye.    Humans if they don’t tend to gout won’t be long for this world as heart attacks and perhaps, organ failure lead to death.     

If Newburyport doesn’t take action now, our future is done.

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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