The Dark Side Arise

Because there is no really significant mayoral challenge, the chances are that a tiny minority block of voters could decide the future of the City for the next two years.

And the Dark Side who are largely out of power right now have big hopes they could get one of their own back in or at least setup some kind of leverage to maximize their influence.

Hope springeth eternal.

Now as I have explained it ad nauseam, the Dark Side in their basic belief system are delusional.       And having them back in power in even a small number could spell trouble for our beloved Newburyport and hurt our future prospects.

I have been in the archives and read the kind of damage they have committed in the past.*     

They can also have Newburyport join the ranks of our nearby local communities who have gotten in trouble because of the ‘Good Ole Boy’ mentality.     This was present BIG TIME when I first moved to Newburyport and I’m telling you I don’t miss it.     But they do.boss_hogg

To simply explain it, this is the attitude of, “Yeah, I know what the law says, but since you’re part of the good old boys, you don’t have to follow it or observe it.      That’s for carpetbaggers anyhow!”

So, getting back to the election, they are hoping to put in two new guys so they can bring back their power.

All they need is a toe-hold.       Now, I know some of the new candidates for city council.      In the dark side’s delusional mind, I see them hoping to control them and use them as puppets.     I bet they fail to a large degree but again, they will try.

Hope springeth eternal.

-P. Preservationist

* All of a sudden a development appears that no one knew was on the ‘books’, the edges of a park all of a sudden get developed, wetlands on our flood plain ‘disappear’ and an inappropriate building becomes a reality in our historic downtown.   In other towns, and which could happen here if the good ole’ boys get back in power; building codes get ignored, zoning becomes a joke, wetland restrictions are cast aside and state and fed regs get ‘winked’ at.


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One Response to The Dark Side Arise

  1. Port Sanity says:

    One day you complain that a builder has gotten away with something because of a technicality (which wasn’t really a technicality), the next day you warn against following the practices of other towns in which “zoning becomes a joke.”

    Regularly you’re concerned about changes to the appearance of existing structures in Newburyport, yet complain about the decision to move forward with a plan to add a mural to the water tower.

    And, you criticize those that move into an area, knowing what already exists, and complain about it after moving in, yet don’t see the correlation to those complaining about the implementation of a LHD that limits their property rights significantly..

    Some consistency would be nice.

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