Double Standards!

So everyone wants to push Karp and the Lagasse’s around but many people don’t want to prevent homeowners doing what they want to do?

We all recognize the deplorable potential for abuse from a single business owner downtown.     We may even realize that the historic fabric of the City is being chipped away house by house.     We may even point our fingers (Unfortunately at this stage, a lot of pointing) at someone who is devastating or gutting an historical building and may exclaim, “Why doesn’t somebody stop them from hurting our community and our property values!?!”

But if it’s your own commercial property or it’s your own home, then you strenuously object having anyone prevent you from doing what you want to do.

oxenRemember that old expression, “it depends on whose ox is being gored.” At one time, oxen were pretty common in Newbury and Newburyport and were useful for so many things that clip_image002they had high-value. They were combination ditch-digger, bulldozer, heavy truck haulers and all-around utility tools.     They were even used to move houses!

The definition of the saying is that we will be more likely to take offense at a dubious comment or action when that comment or action is directed against what we see as our own interests.      For example, we might think that it is inappropriate to call the president of the United States vulgar names, if we support that president.     If the same epithets are directed at a president we don’t support, we are more likely to overlook it or even defend it.

We’ve some At-large candidates who have pontificated about New England Development and Newburyport Development but who, just as quickly, have turned around and not supported the local historic district ordinance.

And we all know why!        Karp can’t vote here, and the Lagasse’s and their relatives & friends are only a handful of ballots.


They are hoping that enough self-centered property owners will now vote for them.

If these candidates were philosophically consistent, they would demand the citizens layoff ND/NED and let ‘em do what they want. (Like their on-going attempt to dispense with the Fowle’s Newsstand.)*

Putting it in the recent words of another LHD opponent, “If you object, you should just buy the property!”


I guess we’re supposed to shut up now.        Let’s just let the wealthy rule by proxy.

In other words, DBD.**

-P. Preservationist

* According to the Newburyport Blog and statements made by an old Reconnaissance Report, there is a preservation easement on the Fowle’s Newsstand.      So far, there is no record of it in the Planning Office and no listing on the online Salem Register.      Being Poor, I don’t have the resources to traipse around Salem or to Boston at Mass Historic; and yet, something better be done by the more time-endowed here in town as time is running out for getting documented proof to stop ND’s plans!

** Democracy by Dollars


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