Don’t forget the Veterans!

I was so impressed at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery today.      The Mayor spoke and at least three councilors were present (Cameron, Connell and Herzog).     A very somber affair but it was good that Veterans are not forgotten for their sacrifice.

My Dad served in World War II in the Army Air Corps (which turned into the Air Force in 1947) and he would NEVER talk about his experiences except being ‘bored’ on Wake Island.     I discovered photographs he had taken when I was a teenager and couldn’t believe the wild and mysterious photos.      His words, when I confronted him, “Oh, those pictures.”

It wasn’t until four years ago that my siblings and I pressured him to tell us.       It was amazing.

Never considering themselves heroes, the ears tingle at what they have gone through.

By the way, John Lagoulis, has come out with his book.       I suggest you focus on this day the section about his war experiences.       He has the ability to put pictures into your mind.      Just put yourself in his place when reading.    And though his day was called the Greatest Generation, subsequent wars have brought many who have sacrificed to keep us safe.

All I can say is, THANK YOU VETERANS.

-P. Preservationist


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