Signage Control

There was a time when a business downtown couldn’t make any changes to the external part of their buildings unless the Newburyport Development Authority* had a say in it.      Everything had to be reviewed.

Then it expired and the only control they had was on signage.     Now, it is expired too.

Well, hopefully the local historic district ordinance will restore this long-lost design review.    And for signage:  tonight one of the seven (7) proposed ordinances is for the purpose of integrating into the City’s control, the same strict sign guidelines that the NRA has done such a good job of monitoring.         This is a good ordinance to support and should be passed as soon as possible.       Don’t let short-sighted commercial owners who only care abut their short-term profits influence the defeat of this measure.         

“If Newburyport is to continue to prosper, we cannot be led by small-time developers[P.P.: & business owners].     Their motivation is to cash in NOW.    It is what they do.” “We must not cop out with short-term fixes and “wins” that are short term only.     Many communities have done that, with the cheesy shopping malls and bad schools to prove it.”

– Jim Stiles, “One City, Two Visions”, Daily News, March, 2007

We need concerned citizens to be here tonight to show our support to maintain the economic draw of our downtown by continuing the control of signage!

-P. Preservationist

* This apparently is Dyke Hendrickson’s new name for the Newburyport Redevelopment Authority. This should make Tom Salemi and James Shanley very happy!


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