Don’t be confused–Stay focused

I was at the Masters of Turbulence* event at the Custom House and as I went about the little clusters of conversation one subject kept coming up – about the Newburyport Republican Committee pushing just their candidates.

In this local community and in other places, non-partisan government is more tongue-in-cheek.        I assure you that in Newburyport, both parties have hovered around in the background for more than a century.     

The NRC unfortunately crossed the line by publicly declaring their intentions.

This, of course, ticked off a lot of people and two candidates (both of which did not ask for the NRC to do this) have suffered for it! (Especially for incumbent Steve Hutcheson.)

As a Social Conservative and a Republican I am mortified.

The simple rule in Newburyport is community-first, ideology second.      Even a Democrat, tax-n-spend Mayor like Donna Holaday understands that.      She’s working up policies that take care of US first not Beacon Hill and not Washington.       It’s about taking care of our needs and putting ideology in the background.         You know why Ted Kennedy stayed in office so long even though he represented the extreme left in the Democratic Party?     Constituent services.         It is this principle that makes me very proud of our current Republican representatives at the State House.      They have been working hard to increase the amount the state matches to our CPA funds – because they know it takes care of our local communities.       Senator Baddour, who has a big influence under the gold dome bucked the rest of his Democrat pals to vote against the increase in state sales tax  – all because of constituent services and the negative impact to his border area. 

CPA may become a burden for a bunch of farmers in West Newbury – but it takes care of historic Newburyport, i.e. our community.    A candidate should be in support of it for it benefits the community.     The Local Historic District expansion makes no sense for just about every community in the region – but it makes perfect sense in Newburyport.      Why?    Because it benefits the local community.

My biggest fear for both the local Democrats and Republicans is leadership that allows their ideology to triumph over their community.

We need healthy partisan politics.

AND frankly I am concerned!

-P. Preservationist

* I realize they had only enough room for 75 people but I wish more Newburyporters could have attended.     For a ‘Black Tie’ event which is usually a stuffy affair; the energy, enthusiasm and excitement in the room was nothing but sensational.      The ensemble from the Newburyport Chamber Music Festival bowled me over with their over-flowing talent.        It was certainly a special night.      



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