Cries from the Children of the Now

The Children of the Now only care about what immediately affects them.       Thus, all these silly cries to deny the rezoning of two buildings at Storey Avenue has to do with traffic congestion.

The dangerous condition of excessive cars.

The helter-skelter of vehicles trying to navigate at Low Street.

The poor signage, the poor traffic control and the lack of proper safe-guards for pedestrians AND vehicles.

All these have to do with people trying to get to work or doing shopping.

The Children of the Now don’t get out of their vehicles and wade into the marshes or navigate through a field.     They don’t regularly maneuver around beaver dams or involve themselves with the City’s water supply.

And yet, they will hurt greatly if those 22 acres aren’t preserved as open space.

There was an earlier attempt to put a 40B development out there which allows disregard for water & sewer demands and proper zoning.      The increased impervious surfaces would have encouraged greater flooding downstream.      We won’t even get into the negative impact on the loss of farmland, loss of wildlife, loss of a capped spring and loss of wetlands.         The Common Pasture and the Great Marsh would have been contaminated eventually affecting our local fishing industry.

Then of course, the Children of the Now would begin to howl over the loss of their quality of life, the increased flooding, the increase in taxes from more density and infrastructure and businesses & residents moving away to avoid the incessant insurance costs. (And more tax increases since we all pay for the National Flood Insurance Program.)

But being Children of the Now, they would never make the connection that their short term concerns resulted in these ever larger problems!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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