Our Local Banks

During the bidding for the Rockledge Trust land, there was a break where some negotiating and private conversations were being held.      To pass the time a little, there were small groups occupying themselves with conversation.     I joined one in which the auctioneer was commenting on how anxiety free this lot sale was.       He says the typical auction is high drama, stressful and full of tension.      It usually involves someone losing their home and individuals in dire straights.         He went on how much better it is when the local banks are involved.     He indicated the tough nature of many an auction when the BIG BANKS are involved.

He asserted that our local banks do everything possible to make sure someone can keep their home.      


Now, just in case you think I’m getting teary eyed about them.      I am well aware how profit driven they are.     All that charity giving?     Hey, those are tax right offs and actually help the bank either with direct bottom line or by generating good feelings in town.       That way, when you start reaching for your checkbook, you’ll have soft and fuzzy feelings toward them paving the way to go to them for a loan or a mortgage.     

But the difference, and the threat of foreclosures is a good example, instead of dealing with a board of directors far away; you’re dealing with human beings and much of their officers and trustees are local people – and that counts for something.    They have families and are involved in the community.       I mean, look at HOW they give to those charities.       They have heart.       Due to banking regulations, they could probably do more because I know their hearts in it.


Instead of some distant board of directors composed of cold-hearted Stalinists; we have a bank that will actually try within its legal bounds to work with you.


-P. Preservationist


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