What I saw.

Okay, I admit that I have a hot temper – but I am going to keep calm and take a few deep breaths and tell you what I saw at the auction this morning. (Rockledge Trust Property)

First, I was shocked to hear from the auctioneer and confirmed in the presented documents, that this property has had over three years of back taxes owed.     Combining that with 2012’s assessment, it came to $27,000 plus.

This brought forth a simple question, “Why did the City not seize this landlocked land because of back taxes owed and at a cheap price so conservation land could be preserved?    Sort of puts a hollow twist into all those posted threats in the newspaper that the City is going to seize property if the taxes are unpaid!      

Two words, “Backroom politics,” certainly comes to my mind.

Second, the City failed to show up with any representation.         Don’t we have an Open Space Committee?      Don’t we have $600,000 in the bank for the purchase of crucial open spaces?       Apparently, the Baseball Diamond-Soccer Field Lobby have taken over the committee.          Essex County Greenbelt was there as a bidder.      They now have a skin in the game as they control the 37.5 acres to the north of Crow Lane.    Even the auctioneer wanted to know why the City was not represented.      Others in the small group showed surprise also.       

SO WHERE WERE THEY?      It might be good to ask at their ‘meeting’ tonight!

In the end, the local farmer, Jere Myette, purchased the land for $125,000. (Assessed value was approximately $525,000)

See, I can control my temper. (As I type this with clenched teeth!)

-P. Preservationist


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