Status Quo is Stagnation

This idea of ‘let things be’ seems to be the new mindset in town.      This concept comes from the idea of a populace that doesn’t want to kick up the dust – things are good now so let’s just keep it the way it is.

On open space on non-buildable land – why bother spending money on it – no one will ever do the crazy concept of putting buildings out there.      Of course, they disregard the fact of an army of consultants nationwide who live off of these ‘worthless’ lands.       These wet places are the breeding ground for industrial parks – how do you think we got the Lord Timothy Dexter Industrial Park?        With the 40B law, rife with loopholes; we could see construction going on out there as they ‘wink, wink’ replicate wetlands somewhere else.       If you go to Perry Way, you can see these square replications in existence today, now the pooping ground for waterfowl.       

The same goes on in town.      So the sidewalks are built haphazard and unprofessionally.      Who cares?     They’re getting done right?       What does it matter if I take an historical home and slather it with cheap plastic.       It’s saving me money now.

We don’t want to upset the apple cart by enlarging equity, raising property values or increasing heritage tourism; it’s just right NOW.

Unfortunately, these people don’t realize that expectation of increased value is what our local economy is based on.

People buy a house with the expectation that the value of the home will go UP.          Business owners open a shop in town on the expectation they will make more money than they put into it.       Real Estate agents are expecting to sell lucrative properties at higher prices.       Commercial businesses expect to make a profit so they can pay back their stockholders and pour more money into expansion.     Even union workers, especially government union workers, expect their income to increase which is not possibly sustainable unless we have an increasing tax base. (Not increased taxes!)

Thus, status quo is the sign of a city with no future.        THAT IS CERTAINLY NOT THE WAY IT IS IN NEWBURYPORT.

I’ve been here for a quarter of a century and I have seen improvement, after improvement – increase of value after increase of value and the steady improvement of our quality of life.      

Somehow we’re supposed to throw it away and be SATISFIED with our lot.      

I DON’T THINK SO.       Status quo is a recipe for economic stagnation.        We want more diverse local shops in town, we want houses going up in value, we want an expanding tax base but without the negative impact of suburban sprawl; we want the joy of more visitors without the hardship of traffic congestion and exhausted infrastructure.        

And to do all that takes hard work, planning, debating, discussing, voting and all the necessary skills of promoting a great future.

I suggest if you crave status quo, visit some other communities nearby that are enjoying stagnation.        Then you can be right at home.

-P. Preservationist

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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