What a case for an LHD!

Did you catch this lunatic from Newbury?     A classic dark sider who got out of the ‘quaint little City’ so he could escape the old buildings he was so deeply ashamed of living in!

His idea and examples are pure horror.

Developer's gutFirst, he is proud of those who strip the historic homes down to the studs.      

“I did have concerns that it would be razed and replaced with something more contemporary, but the new owner did exactly what was needed. He stripped the building right down to its very 2-by-4 shell and gave it a much-needed rebuild.    I must admit that they did a fantastic job of restoration. It still has its integrity and classic form that has always fit in with many other houses of that era on the street.”


They rip out the long-lasting windows and tear out anything that could be called ‘historical’.      If Mr. Fowler had his way, the Downtown and most of the historic homes would have been removed – gutted and stripped.Tear it down

It is too late for other communities – we still have a chance to save Newburyport.

I have a picture of some of the downtown buildings and their conditions – his standards would have demanded they be all torn down.

Then he gets upset when historic preservationists object to homes being demolished.        Has anyone driven down Marlboro Street and seen the open gash that ‘demolition’ has left us?     This in a home that could have been saved but for the arrogance of the homeowner.       Now, we have nothing but a characterless and bland field.

Demolished 30-32 Marlboro Street IIFinally, his absolute ignorance was showing – it is precisely the fact that George Washington didn’t sleep in most of our houses that the Smithsonian and historians value our homes.      The average Newburyport Historic District Home showed how real life was lived back in the colonial and Federal and Greek Revival times – they have become more valuable as they become rarer in our nation. (only 8.3% of homes are left in America older than a 100 years!)     Everyone is worth saving for the benefit of the entire city!

Every home in this National Register of Historic Preservation district is contributing and valuable.      Of them, we can at least try to save 800 homes.

If we can get more of his type to editorialize in the paper, the LHD will be a guaranteed fact as the average citizen recoils in horror!


-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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