Getting a proper perspective from the top

Atop Mt Lavender IIWith all the talk about the Common Pasture, the Business ‘Park’, Storey Avenue and the upper Little River Watershed; I thought it would be nice to get a proper perspective.

By climbing to the top of Mt. Lavender.

After all the stench, and all the trouble – we now have one of the highest peaks in the area.    It is now nearly as high as the biggest height, Turkey Hill.     Why, we could probably add it to our eco-tourism by offering it as an adventure tour – perhaps provide cheap cameras for extra money when they finally reach the top.         I looked about and tried imagining a soccer field up here.       One foul ball and the rest of the time is spent climbing down for it!

It was quite a climb – after recovering from the huffing and puffing, I ended up with quite a view.       To my shock I was eye-level with the McDonalds on Storey Avenue – yet later, as I drove there, no sign of Mt. Lavender was visible from the restaurant’s location. 


I was also eye-level to Anna Jaques Hospital – which explains why they had such a direct impact from the stench originating from this massive pile of trash.


I also had a tremendous view of the historic and hugely important Common Pasture.           With a human eye that can span a wide swath and take it in, I was amazed at how close Storey Avenue was to the Common Pasture.     

Atop Mt Lavender II

And more amazing, how all that extensive trail system and forest/wetlands at the foot of Mt. Lavender was but a brief view.      


I was also thinking of the flood waters generated from the ‘Plains’ (Storey Avenue) and from the neighborhood of Turkey Hill Road that flows down so voluminously.

Even more worrying is where all that flooding goes – into residential area and the business park – like a big bull’s eye waiting to be overcome.DSCN0343

People say, as if it’s some minor convenience, for us to maintain open space so the waters will be soaked up by the trees and the marshes; but it’s not a minor thing if you in the path of such devastation.

It is such a small area generating such a huge impact.

Impervious Surfaces in the Common Pasture


It is crucial that we keep this area open and not covered by impervious surfaces.

Open space so our local businesses and citizens benefit!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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