Raising up good Nazis

I was horrified to hear that once again, the tired mantra, “being offended” is being used to eradicate a simple tradition of Secret Santa.

This of course was spawned by a leftist’s desire to eradicate any hint of religion.        It is their mindset that a better world could be made by turning their back on anything remotely ‘supernatural’.     That was the reasoning behind Russia and China becoming atheist in the 20th century to ‘better the world’.      After millions suffered genocide or simply ‘disappeared’ in those secular countries; we find that the absence of religion only replaces one problem with pure horror.

But that was not what chilled me to the bone.       The problem with Karla Marx is she is preparing the children to be good Nazi’s.

We now know that living in the 30’s and 40’s in Hitler’s Germany was pure hell for everyone.       You could be a true-blooded Aryan looking every part of it and still run afoul.       That’s because the Nazis set a high standard for perfection.    In their desire to create a super race of humans, they created a new definition for normalcy.       If you were a homosexual or you were mentally handicapped or you were part of a religious sect or cultural minority, you violated the high ‘norm’ that was set.     But it went further.      If you ended up chronically ill or you were handicapped physically, or you were just very elderly, the violation of the ‘norm’ could also mean you would also be ostracized and eventually ‘disappear’.     Super beings don’t go around in wheelchairs.

In Karla’s desire to not ‘offend’, she is training the children to reject anything that is out of the norm.      We certainly don’t want to offend the little darlings, do we?      When they see a person deaf or a Muslim woman with a head covering, will they begin to point and mock?       When they encounter that which isn’t normal and familiar, will they be disrespectful and cruelly attack?      Will they demand the offender to just ‘go away’?

Perhaps after teaching them intolerance, Karla will have a class on diversity.    Or rather are they being trained to act like white blood cells attacking anything that is out of the ordinary?     

And now, I read in the paper, she wants to train more children by spreading her doctrine of ‘non-offense’.

I am deeply ashamed that our school system has boiled down to training Nazi youth.

We just had seminars at the YWCA and at the First Religious Society trying to tackle the problem of an all-white society in Newburyport.     If I was from some rich and ancient culture and didn’t look like a local, I certainly would have second thoughts before I moved here!

-P. Preservationist


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2 Responses to Raising up good Nazis

  1. Joe Cheever says:

    You’ve gone too far here in your complete over-reaction, P.

  2. Someone does something shocking and the person who reacts in horror…becomes the bad guy.
    A time-honored tradition is shot down over a fraudulent and hollow ideology.
    The Bible talks about an age where the evil is called good and the good is called evil.
    Perhaps that time has come.

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