CPC Funds Available

They had a brief meeting last night of the Community Preservation Committee. 

The basic agenda was to get ready for new projects.    

This year’s available money is $449,000.

The Deadline for submission of applications is February 16th.

After the scheduling of the hearings on the 28th, PortMedia will be filming the presentations over a three to four meeting spread.

Again this year, the City will try to hog as much of the money for ‘their’ projects, so if any non-profits or individuals backed by a 501(c)3  have any ideas under the headings of Affordable Housing, Historic Preservation and Open Space/Recreation – time to start now.

Or get used to settling for scraps!

-P. Preservationist

PS. If we had a 3% surcharge instead of a 2%, we could have had 100% matching funds from the State this year which would have resulted in close to a million available. (Even deducting the bond payments.)      Don’t forget that fact and I’ll make sure on my part, you don’t forget it.

PS. The fact this is allocated funds for these three categories is why the ____ ____ hates this program.     They can’t flitter it away on city subcontracting work, pay raises, benefits, union raises and on any pet projects.      And they hate the fact, a citizens panel not government politicians or government workers have control over the money.


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