Death Watch Day Seven

I thought the new owner of the Tappan House was acting badly but now, with the Boston Globe focusing its demolition article almost completely on Newbury, they are becoming a little crazy.     Today, they called the police on some photographer taking pictures from Little’s Lane claiming he was on their ‘property’.     This is strange since Historic New England owns Little’s Lane.  

So this is a public service notice!       Don’t linger by the house, if you must go by, drive through to the Historic New England property for your own safety!

Fortunately, I was not harassed and really had time to look at the fine features of the home (from the safety of the Lane).      I think the side porch with the beautiful pillars is such a nice feature.

I also thought the window casements were quite nice on the side:

And the front porch is particularly handsome:

My biggest fear is missing the workmen who may venture there to ‘prepare’ the house for demolition.       That’s construction speak for going in and taking out all the goodies like fireplace mantles and moldings for later use.   

All is quiet now – this could mean the calm before the storm of demolition or perhaps a ray of hope for Newbury’s historic heritage.

-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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