Death Watch Day Eight

I actually didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the house today.     Not because I was chased down the street (Somebody’s irate!) but I had a busy schedule.    I swung by this morning just to make sure nothing was happening. (Workmen will usually start early.)   And then by tonight on my way to another meeting.    0129121704a

It doesn’t look good.    No one has come forward to even make an editorial showing the owners were full of c__p in their claims as posted on the front page of the Daily News.      And Historic New England even though made an embarrassed fool before all their Boston donors still refuses to speak up and defend itself.        From what I gather from the anti-LHD crowd, they have been completely bamboozled by the phony headline – they of course are pre-disposed to wishful thinking but the Daily News unprofessional propaganda piece seems to be working.

Historic New England wants very badly to make sure that the surrounding area about the Little Farm complies with the look and feel of the neighborhood.      A good example of their work was done at the Gropius House – it was from here that the birthplace of the Modernist Movement began to spread.     Well, it turns out very similar Modernist homes surround the house museum.      Historic New England in a bid to preserve the entire neighborhood has worked with the neighbors to install preservation easements and zoning restrictions to keep this area intact.

Gropius HouseI know that is their intense wish here in Newbury – I hope they are successful.

We shall see how this plays out as the date of demolition looms closer.     


-P. Preservationist


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