All we have is a flashlight

FlashlightWhen you see a big development like the proposed 40B project on the Woodman Farm Lot; I can guarantee there are many fingers eagerly waiting to share in the spoils.          Everyone knows the affordable housing proposed is just a smoke screen to make a lot of money by skirting difficult permitting and cutting corners.      And Lo, we also know, as we have seen at the Forge and James Steam Mill Projects that through clever loopholes those affordable (wink, wink) units will soon be sold at full price.     The developers are going to hire architects, contractors, engineers, lawyers and the political pressure will mount to get this very damaging-to-Newburyport project through.       I assure you that ____ _____ are thoroughly entrenched into this project and have for many years.        

So how can we fight against so much cash flowing in and around the commercial and political institutions?

We take a flashlight and expose who is involved in this little foray.   

The first thing we do is find out what banks are financing this project.        You see, the name, Seaport Village, LLC is just a group of individuals who have put in seed money but the real cash will be coming from a bank.     All the citizens will be yelling at a name and the financial institution will get no negative publicity.       So, the first thing we do is find out who is putting up the cash.     Our local banks claim their money goes to benefit the City of Newburyport.       So, if that is true, that rules them out since this will do huge damage to our water supply sources, wetlands, and cause immeasurable repercussions in city planning and development.    So let’s find out who is funding it.

The second thing we do is find out who is Seaport Village, LLC.      It will be very upsetting and very revealing when we find that influential people who are local and are supposed to be upstanding citizens who want to benefit our community are involved.      You see, they don’t want to be known.     Let’s find out who they are.      

We also need to expose the process.   You see, the con is already in progress to sway the average citizen.      Do you see all the sanctimonious talk of ‘Affordable Housing’?  Local and state history shows the only way to guarantee affordable housing units is for the city to own them.       That is why the City is working hard to convert the North parking lot at the Train Station into affordable housing units.      But the propaganda is starting in the newspaper.      Then comes the permitting and the pressure from state political sources – believe me – work is in progress right now to sweep away any obstacles.       We need to expose all these activities.

We also need to show the repercussions if this were to go through. (Tropic Star is the first casualty as you can clearly read in the paper!)        And most of all, what the landowner aught actually to be doing to mutually benefit all parties.       

Let’s turn this flashlight into a floodlight!

-P. Preservationist

PS. Look for more information posts on this 40B project.

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