Tonight is the Night

Be sure that you show up at the public hearing tonight at 6:30 at the Library for the revealing of the first draft of the Open Space and Recreation Plan which when finished will cover 2012 to 2017.      

Your input matters so I would encourage your attendance tonight.       It’s when a group of concerned citizens with genuine interest in the community’s well-being express input in a civil and constructive matter; it can have an affect for our city that will last for a long time!   

This works on a whole range of issues whether it’s on the subject of open space, roads, sidewalks, schools, water, waterfront and zoning; it’s public input that matters.

And since we’re in the 21st century, please take the time (It’s about 15 to 20 minutes) to take the survey.

Also, many of the other blogs have posted the details at Ed Cameron’s and at Tom Salemi’s.

FountainsIt is shocking to me that open space is not considered an important subject to so many people who live in the Greater Newburyport Area. It is precisely the careful management of our natural environment that draws so many to this corner of Massachusetts.     That and our history that has been preserved.  Together, they are a powerful combination that drives our economic engine. 

When tourists arrive, they come out to breathe the sweet air of our open spaces.      Whether it is the Common Pasture peppered with farms and fields or to take in the sweet smells from the flower beds at Atkinson Common and Hale Park; these areas not only invigorate the locals but also satisfy the souls of visitors.

Unfortunately, we have a great number of people who see dollar signs when gazing over an empty field or surveying a park.       They cry out, “That’s wasted space!    We need to cover these areas with tax-generating buildings.”    These soul destroyers simply can’t understand that the taxpayers will be charged at ever higher rates to pay for the infrastructure to support the buildings.      And then when the society is overwhelmed, and the market value of the buildings drops; then there are insufficient tax levies to keep the whole mess going.      

Crow Lane TrailOf course, after sucking the juices out of the community, they can just get up, with money jingling in their pockets, and leave – move somewhere else and declare, “Oh, look; more wasted space!” leaving behind the rest of us clinging to what is left of our fair city.

Why do you think outside developers want to tear down our little historic homes in Joppa so they can build larger buildings?     The view of the huge open space of our gorgeous harbor.   People will pay premium prices to buy them.  Why do people want to build homes out in the country?      So they overlook forests and wide-open spaces.    The high-prices they pay is based on values hard to crunch into statistics.

Open Space has a huge value.       Come tonight so you can participate in managing and protecting them!

-P. Preservationist

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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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