Domestic Disputes

The police will tell you what causes them the most fear and it’s not bank robbers or gangs or even riots.     The most danger for an officer of the law is to get in the middle of a domestic quarrel.    One wrong move and you’ll have both family members attacking you.

Right now there is a big quarrel going on between different elements of the right leaners here in town.        The problem is a difference of political opinion due to the insertion of Libertarian views and of course, extremist groups that don’t necessarily have enough clout on their own and like to hang onto the main political movements.       But this does not besmirch the larger organizations.

You on the left have had to put up with anarchists, the violent arm of the radical left and all sorts of loony movements.     I try my best not to ascribe to the entire Democratic party the beliefs and antics of a small minority.

I am a Tea Party member.    I am very proud that Newburyport was the first place of such an occurrence.    Of course, in the ‘bury’s, we don’t dress up like Indians and have a pool0114121943a party; we like our bonfires!   The group is highly disciplined as to what they stand for – just because extremists may try to attach themselves to it does not besmirch the Movement.

I am a proud Republican.       Just because there is an effort to steer our traditional platform into a direction it was never meant does not mean the Republican Party adopts such radical stances.     The NRC tent is as broad as the Democrats and attracts a wide range of political beliefs.     I’d rather have that than seeing 16 candidates on a ballot all from different parties.     Yuck.

We’re having LOUD differences of opinion right now but it doesn’t give the Democrats or anyone else the right to believe that historic preservation is the exclusive domain of the left.

C_ Bruce BrownC. Bruce Brown, the father of Senator Scott Brown was for a few years the President of the City Council and served in total as a City Councilor for 16 years.     We know him because he joined the Charter Commission until his time demands and his health caused him to resign prematurely.      But he was one of the most effective advocates for the urban renewal of the City especially when it came to historic preservation.    As you well know, the NRA imposed strict rules on the exterior of the buildings.      He also was the one that prepared and sponsored the local historic district ordinance to protect High Street back in 1971.      Why am I mentioning him?    He has been a lifelong Republican and proudly has done everything in his power to aggressively preserve the City.

Reagan & BeinekeNow take a look at this picture of Ronald Reagan.       A staunch conservative and yet, instead of smacking Mr. Walter Beinecke in the mouth for helping to enact aggressive historic preservation principles while patiently waiting for the local government to get its act together to impose a local historic district on Nantucket; he is shaking his hands!     Mr. Beinecke who practiced aggressive historic preservation honored by a conservative Republican!      

I am bringing all this up because many who are traditional Republicans in the city are being told that if they want to be true to their beliefs they have to oppose local historic district protections!       

I encourage all conservative, moderate and traditional Republicans to follow their convictions whatever way they lean but don’t let someone else try to force you into a mold that is of their own making.

For those who want to preserve our community for the future, please sign the online petition here.

-P. Preservationist


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3 Responses to Domestic Disputes

  1. YEAT boy says:

    I would hesitate at using Beinecke and Nantucket as the model for Newburyport, especially if you believe this New York Times obituary:
    It would be a terrible thing to lose this opportunity for the historic district by being labeled “elitist”….as much as his strategy saved Nantucket.

  2. I agree as some local historic districts have gone overboard but Mr. Beinecke, jr is inseparably linked to Newburyport. I will be doing a complete expose on him – in fact, I am working on it right now. I used him in the latest post, of course, to highlight Ronald Reagan not to recommend the Island’s application of LHD.

  3. Hah, I just read the obituary that Yeat Boy sent – that is exactly why Beinecke brought Steve Karp to Newburyport. The problem is, we’re lacking the historic preservation element. Without the protective elements of historic preservation, we will ALL get pushed out!

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