NHC: Introduction

The Newburyport Home Companion is not designed to be an exhaustive textbook for historic preservationist professionals.   Rather, this is a practical ‘common sensed’ hands-on guide for craftsmen and homeowners involved in an historic renovation.

There are dedicated individuals in America that have committed themselves to create an historic exhibit out of their homes.    In other words, entering their abode literally transports you back to a certain era complete with all the artifacts of that period.     These homes are called Historic Restorations.   Historic New England has over 70 homes from Connecticut to Maine on exhibit.   There are also hundreds of such restorations controlled by local historical societies with house museums.    We can enjoy these and learn much but most of us would not want to live within their walls.

There are others who simply have no understanding of historic buildings and are determined to live in the latest environments and lifestyle of contemporary existence.   This is pure Renovation.    It is hoped that these individuals will make the wise choice to choose homes that are outside the district where they can assume their ‘today’ lifestyle.

This Handbook is designed for homeowners who have been attracted to the Newburyport Historic District because of the many advantages it offers: Stability, resale values, high stable property values, high return on investment and a fine quality of environment and life.

But the Newburyport Home Companion is designed also for homeowners who understand there is much to learn and many challenges after committing to living inside an historic district.

The objective of this homeowner’s handbook is to provide a guidebook for those who wish to do an historic renovation that is comfortable 21st century living in an historic heritage environment.

The best of two worlds, the past, and the present combined into a rewarding future.

-P. Preservationist

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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