It’s too funny!

Now you all know that I am not getting upset or concerned about MassDevelopment and the NRA.       Nothing’s going to happen until the parking garage goes in.  And nothing is going to happen regardless of anyone’s plans until the soil is cleaned up on the Waterfront, and then there is this little matter of archaeology and artifacts…

But I thought it was a strange coincidence that the firm that helped design and plan for Roger Foster’s Central Waterfront Hotel has been ordered by MassDevelopment to work with the NRA.    

Déjà vu!    

One of the distinctive features of Mr. Foster’s old hotel plan was promised underground parking.       In fact, it was talked about endlessly, you guessed it, by Fort Point Associates, Inc.     Then when the final plans were presented to the City, the underground parking disappeared.      Reason?     Too expensive!      The alternative solution was massive valet parking which thrilled no one.

Lo and behold, the first thing out of Fort Point Associates’ mouth in 2012 is suggesting underground parking.

Now, that is hilarious.

-P. Preservationist


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