Some Badly Needed Updates

I’ve been sick this last week.      Considering how many others have been sick about the area, that’s nothing unique.      

Some people actually believe I do this blog and site for a living.   They confuse several years of accumulated research for my day job.      I wish!      

But being laptop bound has allowed me to clean up some of the website,, and to fix some of the links that have become ‘dead ends’.

I have re-opened my survey as to the size of the local historic district.      I would like to get more reader’s input on that subject.

I have continued my petition on having the entire Newburyport Historic District included.    It’s a lonely crusade, but whether it’s piece meal or all at once; I am still convinced it has to be done as the threats of demolishing and extreme remodeling continue to diminish our National Treasure and worse, hurt our local economy and tax base.

I have also added a new section of quotes which I have gleaned from different sources and now include the many quotes the citizens of Newburyport have included on Newburyport Blog’s Online Petition.     Why not harvest such creativity?

This Spring we are in for a fascinating and wild ride complete with twists and turns on a whole range of issues.       We can, sadly, be a part of the alarmingly large number of the apathetic and the clueless; or we can jump into the fray, contribute positively toward our community and be part of History.

There is certainly lots to learn and do.

As anyone who has read even a small part of our City’s political past, it’s our very nature TO BE VERY POLITICAL!

I’d rather have that than be led along like sheep.     A sheep’s life, except for brief moments of terror, is rather boring!

-P. Preservationist

PS. Have alarming news about our Downtown ‘protections’ concerning the City’s taking over the NRA’s sign book – THERE ISN’T ANY! More coming later!


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