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CPA Project List for 2012

There are $449,000 available for projects this year.         As you can see from the list below, the Community Preservation Committee has a challenge ahead.   Now if logic were to prevail, it might be just achievable, but there is a lot … Continue reading

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Death Watch Day Two

There is a danger that focusing on this one building owner will allow others in the region to get away with their infractions.        This is the worst incident but the travesty is occurring all around us.       If Newbury had a … Continue reading

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CPC Funds Available

They had a brief meeting last night of the Community Preservation Committee.  The basic agenda was to get ready for new projects.     This year’s available money is $449,000. The Deadline for submission of applications is February 16th. After the scheduling … Continue reading

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Don’t be confused–Stay focused

I was at the Masters of Turbulence* event at the Custom House and as I went about the little clusters of conversation one subject kept coming up – about the Newburyport Republican Committee pushing just their candidates. In this local … Continue reading

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Defending the Horse

It was just not right to be proposing this ordinance to change the zoning on one of the worst intersections in Newburyport without proper review. (See Councilor Cameron’s take.)       Storey Avenue is not a back street somewhere.     It’s not located … Continue reading

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Third Times a Charm?

On November 14th, there will be a try again to change the zoning for two properties on Storey Avenue (next to the Gas Station by Low Street) from residential to commercial.        The first attempt failed back in 1999.      The second … Continue reading

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CPA Repeal in West Newbury

I am absolutely crushed.      One vote away and more money would have been available for Newburyport’s matching fund. As anyone familiar with the Community Preservation Act knows, if you have a 3% surcharge, you get a 100% match for every … Continue reading

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