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Death Watch Day Eight

I actually didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the house today.     Not because I was chased down the street (Somebody’s irate!) but I had a busy schedule.    I swung by this morning just to make sure nothing … Continue reading

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Solutions that make everyone a winner!

At the same time as we see the tragedy of the Tappan Mansion being demolished, we find out that this disaster and blow against our local communities could have been prevented. Brian and Tara Patrican could have avoided having their … Continue reading

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So here’s the deal

Tomorrow night at City Hall, the second Committee of the Whole will be discussing re-zoning two parcels on Storey Avenue.     I have already given you the basic notes from the last meeting. Now the problem has been from the start … Continue reading

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House Stories – The Nathaniel Foster House – 24 Prospect Street – Protecting Uniqueness

  I suppose an architectural purist would go into a spastic fit over this house – but its special fusion of Georgian and Federal is a quality not a detriment.      In fact, it’s a vanguard for hundreds of homes in … Continue reading

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Two Horrible Crimes of the Last Century

Newburyport was broke.     That simple statement has so many ramifications.    One, that when you are poor, you are desperate to survive.     I heard John Lagoulis on cable talking about the hunger of real poverty.     While today’s ‘poor’ wail when their … Continue reading

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How to pick a Preservation Easement ‘Enforcer’

Different strokes for different folks! No one size fits all! Okay, you get the message – you need to decide what is important for you to protect.      Are you a mildly interested historic preservationist?     Are you a serious architectural preservationist?     … Continue reading

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Preservation Easements

With all the talk about the local historic district ordinance, we need to realize that it is just one tool in the utility belt for historic preservation. The ultimate gold standard is a preservation easement. Now, the evil homebuilder’s associations … Continue reading

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