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It’s too funny!

Now you all know that I am not getting upset or concerned about MassDevelopment and the NRA.       Nothing’s going to happen until the parking garage goes in.  And nothing is going to happen regardless of anyone’s plans until the soil … Continue reading

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Get With the Game!

Taken from some of the statements by citizens, and even by notable persons in our community; there seems to be a confusion as to where our heritage tourism efforts should be directed.    This is important especially with the renewed call … Continue reading

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What kind of architecture is that?

You would think that if developers are interested in demolishing old houses or at the very least gutting them or expanding them beyond recognition; they must have some grander design that will replace them.       Now take a look at this … Continue reading

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Tonight is the Night

Be sure that you show up at the public hearing tonight at 6:30 at the Library for the revealing of the first draft of the Open Space and Recreation Plan which when finished will cover 2012 to 2017.       Your input … Continue reading

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Tracking down the culprit

As the vote approaches tonight on the re-zoning of two Storey Avenue lots; it might be good to clarify a few things.     There is a lot of anger out there against CVS.    It comes from the feeling that a large … Continue reading

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Is this the impression they want?

If it is, I say go for it.       (This bumper sticker was in the driveway of someone who wanted to demolish an    historical home adjacent to their place so they could build a garage and expand their house!     I … Continue reading

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The ‘Plan’ etched in stone

I don’t know if it’s the journalist strict code of fact-checking but it should not replace or cancel out logic.       Seaport Village, LLC is as trapped by their legal pursuit as the City is as trapped by the horrible 40B … Continue reading

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