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Tonight is the Night

Be sure that you show up at the public hearing tonight at 6:30 at the Library for the revealing of the first draft of the Open Space and Recreation Plan which when finished will cover 2012 to 2017.       Your input … Continue reading

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Let’s take a well-deserved break!

While some are busy running up and down furiously shouting, “I’m against the LHD!” and still more are lathering their heads in preparation for more tinfoil; the rest of us can refocus and take a breather. IT’S THE EAGLE FESTIVAL! … Continue reading

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Track them down!

Sorry, you can’t come!      That is, you can’t come unless you get a current member of the Custom House to invite you as a guest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every month on the first Friday, the museum (which is closed right now) is opened … Continue reading

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Watch Carefully

You aught to attend city council meetings and I might dare suggest, regularly. I know watching on cable is terribly convenient and for many Newburyporters with health and time issues; it is the only way to see what is going … Continue reading

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So here’s the deal

Tomorrow night at City Hall, the second Committee of the Whole will be discussing re-zoning two parcels on Storey Avenue.     I have already given you the basic notes from the last meeting. Now the problem has been from the start … Continue reading

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Some things to note for this weekend

If a picture is worth 10,000 words, then a video is worth a million.      The quality is a bit grainy but considering how old this video is – it’s not bad!      Newburyport: A Measure of Change will be airing on … Continue reading

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Who is the Chamber working for?

Now supposedly the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce is working for the collective businesses in not just the City but in the surrounding areas which includes the Lord Timothy Dexter Industrial Park.    Now to show its fealty with the Downtown retail … Continue reading

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