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Quality of Life

Newburyport has a high quality of life.      As to why it does has been hard even for experts to pin down.      For those who are very brainy and don’t get intense headaches reading scientific journals, I have attached for your … Continue reading

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Where is the bloomin’ group?

It’s winter and it’s technically cold outside – this is the best time to do planning for gardens and landscapes for all of Newburyport – public and private. I am so envious of The Country Gardeners of Georgetown.      Maybe because … Continue reading

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CPC Funds Available

They had a brief meeting last night of the Community Preservation Committee.  The basic agenda was to get ready for new projects.     This year’s available money is $449,000. The Deadline for submission of applications is February 16th. After the scheduling … Continue reading

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Our Other Neglected Minority

Bald Eagles get all the limelight.      If you have ever seen one flying along or as I spotted, effortlessly swoop down and grab a fish with its mighty talons, it just makes your heart skip.      And if you have been … Continue reading

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Cut Off!

Lack of political leadership can often have unintended consequences.       I think the most obvious is paying more later for something that could have been purchased at a bargain price.    Often it is perceived that somehow the issue can be ignored … Continue reading

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Who speaks for the trees?

    While I was pondering this morning as to who this Ted Jones was in the editorial page and how he managed to be an usurper and get on the City Council; my eyes lit on Aaron Bardsley’s rather enlightening … Continue reading

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Getting a proper perspective from the top

With all the talk about the Common Pasture, the Business ‘Park’, Storey Avenue and the upper Little River Watershed; I thought it would be nice to get a proper perspective. By climbing to the top of Mt. Lavender. After all … Continue reading

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