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Making Cathy’s Country Kitchen the ‘Fall Guy’

Newburyport Development is setting up Cathy’s Kitchen to fail.       As Dyke Hendrickson in his editorial today indicated it is quite noticeable how ND likes to treat properties they would rather not have around.   The miserable state of the stretch of … Continue reading

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What kind of architecture is that?

You would think that if developers are interested in demolishing old houses or at the very least gutting them or expanding them beyond recognition; they must have some grander design that will replace them.       Now take a look at this … Continue reading

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Death Watch Day Ten

No, I’m not fooled by false hope – the landowner still holds the demolition permit.        I maybe a positive-minded individual but I’m not fooled as long as the situation still looks bleak. This was the day the demolition crews were … Continue reading

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Selective Memory

Ralph Ayers, competing in the arena of old memories against the likes of Joe Callahan and John Lagoulis, has decided rather to wade into local politics.     Unfortunately, it seems that he has decided to leave out the historical details and … Continue reading

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Death Watch Day Nine

The owner of Tappan House was angry – but now I am angry.    I arranged for a camera to tape the demolition.    I even picked out a delightful dirge melody as the film recorded the construction equipment biting into the … Continue reading

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On your mark, get set, go!

“We, the undersigned, propose that the Newburyport Redevelopment Authority take the action necessary now to insure the rehabilitation of the historic buildings of the Newburyport Business District.  We are unalterably opposed to demolition.” If you go to the book, Port … Continue reading

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Death Watch Day Eight

I actually didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the house today.     Not because I was chased down the street (Somebody’s irate!) but I had a busy schedule.    I swung by this morning just to make sure nothing … Continue reading

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