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A Deal Killed by Greed?

Eleanor Woodman gets 2.5 million dollars IF the city re-zones two small parcels.       And I certainly don’t begrudge the deal that was worked out.       In fact, as recently as the last few days, it looked good for the re-zoning to … Continue reading

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Getting a proper perspective from the top

With all the talk about the Common Pasture, the Business ‘Park’, Storey Avenue and the upper Little River Watershed; I thought it would be nice to get a proper perspective. By climbing to the top of Mt. Lavender. After all … Continue reading

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And Thus it begins…

Yes, to some it may seem to be closure seeing the dirt finally being pushed on to the landfill. But I assure you, it is just the beginning.       Once this landfill is completed, the property will be handed over to … Continue reading

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