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CPA Project List for 2012

There are $449,000 available for projects this year.         As you can see from the list below, the Community Preservation Committee has a challenge ahead.   Now if logic were to prevail, it might be just achievable, but there is a lot … Continue reading

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Some Badly Needed Updates

I’ve been sick this last week.      Considering how many others have been sick about the area, that’s nothing unique.       Some people actually believe I do this blog and site for a living.   They confuse several years of accumulated research for … Continue reading

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Tonight is the Night

Be sure that you show up at the public hearing tonight at 6:30 at the Library for the revealing of the first draft of the Open Space and Recreation Plan which when finished will cover 2012 to 2017.       Your input … Continue reading

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Public Opinion

History is filled with contradictions and often it assigns fame to people who on the surface get the credit.   It’s when historians dig deeper that it is discovered that someone else was actually responsible.      There are many famous examples in … Continue reading

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Seaport Village LLC–I’ve got the information

I have most of the information – by the way, thanks to all those legal proceedings, the Planning Office has a big three-ring binder on the project.     Will be getting my eyes on that Monday. I have detailed pictures of … Continue reading

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The ‘Plan’ etched in stone

I don’t know if it’s the journalist strict code of fact-checking but it should not replace or cancel out logic.       Seaport Village, LLC is as trapped by their legal pursuit as the City is as trapped by the horrible 40B … Continue reading

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The Goal of Affordable Housing

Big meeting last night to go over a planning professionals day-dream of a perfect community.       This is of course, not urban planning but social engineering by the State.       By somehow providing homes that are ‘forced’ into the mold of ‘affordable’; … Continue reading

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