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Chipping Away! Yet Another Demolition!

It used to be that developers & homeowners wouldn’t dare propose demolition to completely intact, solid structures – they would reserve such demands to a building that was absolutely sorry looking on the exterior.     At least, they would reason, the … Continue reading

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The New Signage Ordinance for the Downtown

People who are anti-LHD keep stating that there is no need for historic preservation protections and the City has done just fine without it.        Unfortunately, this statement is made from ignorance.    One of the tremendous benefits from having a local … Continue reading

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Making Cathy’s Country Kitchen the ‘Fall Guy’

Newburyport Development is setting up Cathy’s Kitchen to fail.       As Dyke Hendrickson in his editorial today indicated it is quite noticeable how ND likes to treat properties they would rather not have around.   The miserable state of the stretch of … Continue reading

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CPA Project List for 2012

There are $449,000 available for projects this year.         As you can see from the list below, the Community Preservation Committee has a challenge ahead.   Now if logic were to prevail, it might be just achievable, but there is a lot … Continue reading

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Some Badly Needed Updates

I’ve been sick this last week.      Considering how many others have been sick about the area, that’s nothing unique.       Some people actually believe I do this blog and site for a living.   They confuse several years of accumulated research for … Continue reading

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NHC: Newburyport Historic District

You’ve come to Newburyport, fell in love with the place as so many others have done, and found a perfect home inside the historic district.    After checking on the website,, you discover your house is a contributing resource in … Continue reading

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Making History

History is a fascinating thing because there is no such thing as time segregation.   Most try to define it as dealing with the ‘ancient’ past or ‘centuries-old’ history but in the end it’s still dealing with humanity.   And humanity doesn’t … Continue reading

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