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Let’s do things ‘right’ on the sidewalk issue

It is a fact of life, that some clever businesses just know how to make money off the taxpayer’s dime.      Some are good at it and others don’t do so well.    No one complains because it is just a fact … Continue reading

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I have absolutely no problem with voting in favor of a combined special ballot.     And yes, it is true, I have no children.     I also know that if I had a choice between a bunch of silly new buildings and … Continue reading

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Cut Off!

Lack of political leadership can often have unintended consequences.       I think the most obvious is paying more later for something that could have been purchased at a bargain price.    Often it is perceived that somehow the issue can be ignored … Continue reading

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Empire Strikes Back

I’ve heard rumors that the ____ ____ are on the move, conniving, scheming, and doing as much dirty work behind the scenes as possible when it comes to this new year’s challenges. Unfortunately, if they do succeed in hatching their … Continue reading

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