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Who is the Chamber working for?

Now supposedly the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce is working for the collective businesses in not just the City but in the surrounding areas which includes the Lord Timothy Dexter Industrial Park.    Now to show its fealty with the Downtown retail … Continue reading

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Who speaks for the trees?

    While I was pondering this morning as to who this Ted Jones was in the editorial page and how he managed to be an usurper and get on the City Council; my eyes lit on Aaron Bardsley’s rather enlightening … Continue reading

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Glad to see a ‘breather’ being taken

I just read the article about the City Council providing money for the crucial improvement of Inn Street.        I have been walking around the Downtown and the basic word that comes to my mind is, “Seedy”. Of course, usually at … Continue reading

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What a difference!

I just can’t shake it.      Whenever I go to the big box stores or to the large malls and begin to walk around; I just get depressed.       In my mind, thoughts of emptiness and forced happiness abound all around me.     … Continue reading

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What we need is political leadership

And what I fear we’ll get tonight is political appeasement.      Having a bunch of emotionally upset citizens huddled around politicians is often a tense scenario.       Can you blame the average politician feeling like Frankenstein’s monster before a mob of pitch-fork … Continue reading

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More not less!

For those who think aesthetics is just silliness – keep in mind the case of Rockport.      Let’s face it, there is nothing to do in Rockport and off tourist season it’s even bleaker.     But they do have a knock-your-socks-off rocky … Continue reading

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Status Quo is Stagnation

This idea of ‘let things be’ seems to be the new mindset in town.      This concept comes from the idea of a populace that doesn’t want to kick up the dust – things are good now so let’s just keep … Continue reading

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