Ah to breathe the fresh air.

It has been difficult to go beyond the world of anonymity when it comes to political activism which seems to be what everything comes to in the end in Newburyport.       I can’t write letters to the editor or show up with a bag over my head – it just wouldn’t work.      Now I have finally decided to shed this encumbrance.

Anonymous writing has been a great literary device with a rich past in American history when it comes to courage and patriotism.       Others like Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Clemens just couldn’t initially prove themselves until they wrote under a pseudonym.

But unfortunately in Newburyport, this cloak has recently become stained.      While you practically have to get a background check to post an editorial in the Daily News, the commenters online have abused an excessive generosity by the paper.      Now, others; jealous of my blog’s unique standing; have copied its format but rather use it for distortion of facts, misinformation and lies.

Yes, I am coming out of the closet – and just in time – it is getting rather stinky in there.

As ever, I will remain the P. Preservationist and will proudly continue to add more and more to the website as research and time permits.         All of us together including other bloggers in town have become amazed as we have just scratched at the surface of our ancient city.        It is my continuing hope that enough information will be gathered that it becomes contagious and we all catch a healthy vision for Newburyport’s future.

My new blog name, Brick and Tree, reflects my primary interest in infrastructure.      A boring subject in any other town, it’s the stuff that makes Newburyport a national leader and in which if we get it wrong, we end up with a lousy future.     Things like historic architecture, conservation, downtown, history, open space, parks, schools, trails, trees, waterfront and even our sidewalks all are crucial.

As for my name-calling, well; what can I say?     If the shoe fits, wear it.

-P. Preservationist

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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